How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

When the time comes to replace your roof, you want to make sure you’re making an informed and cost-effective decision. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the roofing industry doesn’t like to talk about price. We take great pride in doing things differently. In this article, we’ll walk you through how much your roof replacement will cost and the factors that influence that cost. 

We want Tulsa homeowners to feel confident when making decisions about their roof. After reading this article, you’ll have a great idea of the budget needed for your roof replacement.

How much does an asphalt roof replacement cost?

Before we get started, we want to emphasize that it is truly impossible to give you an exact cost of a roof replacement for your home until you have your roof inspected. This is because every home and roof are different. The cost of your roof replacement will be different from similar houses in your neighborhood because of the uniqueness of each home. 

The numbers we list below are the typical costs for a roof replacement including a full tear-off of your old roof and disposal, underlayment, ice and water shield and installation of the new roof.

Our goal with this article is to give you an idea of what your roof replacement in the Tulsa area could cost and outline different factors that will impact your total cost.

For a one-story home with a simple roof – no penetrations and no valleys, it typically costs between $3.50-4.50 per square foot to replace the asphalt roof. 

For a two-story home with little complexity on the roof, Tulsa homeowners can expect to pay $4.50-$5 per square foot for an asphalt roof replacement. This cost takes into account using a good quality architectural shingle to match the home.

For a two-story home with a complex and steep roof, Tulsa homeowners could expect to pay $5-$6.50 per square foot. This cost takes into account using high-grade architectural shingles and replacing chimney flashings. 

We want to reiterate that it is impossible to give an exact price without first inspecting your roof. However, we want to give you these ranges so you can help set your expectations and budget appropriately. The actual cost of your roof replacement depends on a few factors. We list out the factors that have the largest influence on your total roof replacement cost below.

What factors influence your roof replacement cost?

We listed out ranges the encompass most types of homes. Your actual roof replacement cost can fluctuate inside those ranges and possibly even outside of the ranges listed above depending on the following factors:

  1. Size of the roof: Obviously a primary driver of your total roof replacement cost is the size of your roof. Note, your roof square footage will differ from your home’s square footage. The best way to determine the square footage on your roof is to have a locally based roofing company evaluate your roof.
  2. Pitch/steepness: The steeper your roof is, the higher your replacement cost will be. This is due to the inherent risk associated with steep roofs. Installers also must move slower with steep roofs to ensure their safety. If the roof is steep enough, special equipment may be necessary to successfully replace the roof. 
  3. Peaks & Valleys: Many homeowners do not take their roofs complexity into account when collecting estimates for a roof replacement.  A roof that is cut up and has many peaks and valleys is more difficult to replace and more time, plus specialty labor is spent on fabricating the shingles to fit. 
  4. Materials Grade: The quality of materials you choose for an asphalt roof replacement also has a large impact on your overall cost. You may choose the lowest level 3 tab shingles (we certainly don’t recommend these for Tulsa weather) or mid or high grade shingles. The difference between mid and high-grade shingles is largely aesthetic – although some manufacturers offer extended warranties with their high-grade shingle lines. We recommend selecting shingles that fit with your neighborhood and home. 
  5. Penetrations: Common roof penetrations include skylights, plumbing/vents vents, dormers and chimneys. The more penetrations your roof has, the more complex your roof is considered to be. Installers must carefully fabricate materials to have a water tight fit around your roof penetrations. This specialty craftsmanship takes time to ensure your home your is protected. 
  6. Removal of the previous roof: Dump fees and labor associated with removal of your previous roof should be taken into account. This fee may vary if your roof has multiple layers on it. 
  7. Amount of roof decking damage: Your roof deck is the most base level of your roof. Think of it as your roof’s foundation. For older home’s, their decking is made of rafters, for newer homes, their decking consists of OSB plywood sheets. Your roof decking can be damaged.


     a. Age: If your home was built in the 60’s or 70’s and its on its third or fourth roof replacement – the plywood may be so compromised by nail holes that it is unable to safely hold any new nails. In this case, 

     b. Rot: Your roof decking can also be damaged by dry rot (this occurs when your attic is not properly ventilated) or by wood root (typically occurring if your roof was improperly installed or if damage occurred that allowed water to penetrate your roof). In this case, some of your roof decking may be salvageable and your roofing contractor can just replace the damaged boards. 

Next Steps - Getting an estimate on your roof

Roof replacement estimates are free from most Tulsa roofing companies (including Native Roofing!). We recommend getting 2-3 estimates from trusted Tulsa roofing contractors to ensure your getting a fair price and assessment. 

If you know your roof is nearing the end of its life, we also recommend getting your roof inspected annually. Inspections from Native Roofing are free, and help homeowners catch easily repairable issues before they cause major damage. Not every roofing issue will warrant a full roof replacement. 

Native Roofing and Construction serves Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. We are proud of the stellar reputation we’ve earned from Tulsa homeowners. Whether you’ve noticed some warning signs of a leak, or if you’re ready to evaluate your roof replacement options – contact us today to schedule!

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